COVID-19 Vaccine Certificate

Year 2020
Role Concept design and Graphic Design

This project is a concept of how the COVID-19 vaccine could be organized and coordinated across the world. Provided by the World Health Organization, this certificate would standardize the different vaccines and make it easier for people administered with the vaccine to travel. Each vaccination centre would get handheld printers that would print out unique identifying QR codes onto the passports of the recipients that link to a private page on the World Health Organization's website or app. These would contain all the information needed to confirm the QR code is authentic with this information stored on a secure blockchain to prevent fraud. This system would be extremely efficient, particularly if side-effects or other problems in certain vaccines were to be discovered after their release as it would keep references like the vaccine's name, batch number, vaccination centre, among other details.

Passport with QR code

handheld printer printing unique QR code Vaccine Certificate

Passport being checked at the border

Scan QR code to confirm validity